Urban lifestyle by Waxman Brothers

Waxman Brothers

Waxman Brothers brings together the world of fashion with other creative expressions such as design and music, with the aim of developing a new urban lifestyle. Created in 2013 by two Italian friends living in Paris, Waxman Brothers is born under the overlooking gaze of Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement, a bustling multicultural neighbourhood and the heart of the African commercial activity. Inspired by the colours and patterns of the wax fabrics, the traditional African wax printed cotton textiles, Valerio Ruberto and Nicolo’ Talignani decide to found a brand that would embody Paris’ cultural syncretism. The claim “Légui Légui mon gars!” is a blend of French and Senegalese Wolof. The expression, which can be used in countless occasions and can carry different meanings, could be the English “come on!” or a substitute for the French “allez!”. Waxman Brothers stands for a new generation, marked by the mingling of different cultures, introducing a new style: the World Apparel.


Wax prints are an artisanal product. 100% cotton, the fabric is hand decorated through the alternation of colours and wax. Each shirt tells a story that begins in Africa, passes by France, and reaches out to Italian tailoring savoir faire.
Indeed, the limited editions shirts are hand manufactured by an historical shirt maker located in a village in the north of Italy that dates back to the ‘40s. The tailors pay the outmost attention to every small detail and finishing touches of excellent quality. Each Waxman Brothers shirt is unique, and is embedded with a multicultural soul and identity. Inspired by Africa, conceived in France and created in Italy.

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