On the 20th December 2015, D-Malice recieved news from Angola that DM.Recordings family member Eddhi Cheq had passed away. Eddhi had been ill for a number of weeks and was in and out of hospital, keeping in contact with D, he had come out of hospital and all seem to be well, his health was progressing and he was working on material for 2016. He messaged D-Malice “feeling stronger, working on new material for 2016 brother D” which was a good sign for him and us as it meant his health was on the up AND more music from Eddhi!

Please download this mix by D-Malice of Eddhi Cheq’s productions to keep his legacy and music alive.

” I know Eddhi Cheq as a verry talented guy, who always suprised me with sending me his new great tracks. The mango mixes were my personal favorites on my old website. Eddhi, I’m gonna miss you, rest in peace my friend. I feel so stupid that I forgot to publish your ‘HEARTISTIC’ compilation that you wanted to release exclusively on our website. ”

San Dior (

Eddhi Cheq // D-Malice