Macabre Dance

DJ Satelite & Mc Nell C Feat. Mestre Dangui

Dj Satélite e Mc Nell C return with an amazing record that unleashes the first single from her highly anticipated debut EP. “Macabre Dance” is an exultant slab of piano soulful house, laced with early 80’s vibrant vibes and screaming Angola! A musical record of the year has been created; MC Nell evokes a sense of house music’s glorious past on this record. DJ Satelite is the man behind this record and is the force that drives the energy levels skywards and the record promises a dreamy vocal that glides over a groovy house beat. Macabre Dance features super talented vocalist Mestre Dangui who gives amazing vocals throughout the track Mestre Dangui creates provides a real sense of atmosphere that gradual builds and allows the track to remain truly Angolan.

DJ Satelite and MC Nell C continue to impress with the musical collaboration. This partnership is another meandering journey through trippy and twisted afrohouse, built around hypnotic deep grooves, thickly layered synths and pads, and sparse vocal stabs. There are also nods to the founding sounds of Angola and the filtered Cape Verde movement


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