Deeper Side Of Africa

Freddy Serene

Freddy Serenes (Rotterdam, NL) passionate interest in music and clubbing started at a young age. He spent a great deal of his free time collecting and recording different types of music: from rock to funk, hip hop to house. The step from music fan to DJ came when a friend and fellow dj asked why Freddy wasn’t spinning professionally. So Freddy Serene gathered the equipment and started practising. His unique eclectic sound of HipHop, R&B, Afro-, Deep- & Tech, Future and UK-House gets every dance-floor rocking. He has a repertoire at leading clubs (NL) such as Off Corso, Catwalk, Elit, Maassilo, Thalia, Club Imax and Outland and has played at the renowned clubnights as Delit Dimanche, Hufters, Musica Republica, Big Fun, Hotterdam, etc. He also showcased his DJ skills internationally in Cape Town, South Africa at Dizzy’s, BAR1 and Club Fever.


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