Born into royalty

Abioye Clothing

The translation of “Abioye” in the African Yoruba language is: Born into royalty We’re all born Kings & Queens no matter what race/color/religion.

A powerful brand.

Abioye was an idea founded on the principle that clothing should be fresh, cool, memorable, inspirational, and powerful. The brand was created to speak to people who are proud of their style and do not dress to conform to society’s rules. It also will unite people to show strength and solidarity.

Hence, Abioye was born.

People have a regal quality that is instilled in them since birth. Proud, confident, strong, and inspirational…these are the qualities people should also have when wearing Abioye. Their designs are uniquely fresh for people who embrace their own sense of style and love to compliment it with clothing that makes them feel like they like face the world.

Abioye…born into royalty.