A socially responsible fashion label


YEVU is a socially responsible clothing line that is made in Ghana, West Africa. They celebrate the vibrancy, colour and chaos of West African wax print and handmade textiles by offering simple and contemporary designs to a wider market for men and women.This is achieved while supporting and sustaining local industry and small businesses in Ghana, generating economic and creative opportunities.


YEVU, which means “white woman” in the local Ewe language, was a word that Anna Robertson heard daily as she navigated the lively and chaotic city of Accra. Anna initially spent 12 months living and working in the capital and was amazed at the ubiquity of traditional wax print – the 100% cotton fabric worn on the streets in an array of riotous prints.

Informed by her background in political development, Anna saw potential in partnering with small businesses in Ghana in a bid to create jobs and connect the Australian customer with the marketplace of West Africa. Anna partnered with a dedicated team of tailors and seamstresses, operating as micro enterprises in Ghana’s informal sector to create YEVU’s debut range. YEVU “popped up” for the first time in October 2013 in Sydney’s Surry Hills and the collection sold out within one week. Since then, YEVU has produced three ranges and opened several pop up stores around the world, including East London, Melbourne and Sydney.

For more information go to: www.yevuclothing.com